Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never done a professional shoot before and i don’t know how this works ?
Don’t worry, this is what this page is for ! And if this is not enough information you can always contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have 🙂The packages you list don’t really fit my needs, can you make some adjustments ?Yes of course ! The packages listed here are nothing but indications, to give you a base idea of what you can expect for what price. We consult with each client individually to determine what you need exactly and provide you with a tailored service.Can we meet to discuss details in person ?Yes. While for smaller projects (like portrait sessions) written messages are usually sufficient, for bigger projects where you might have a lot of questions or need some ideas and advice (like weddings, big events or commercial photography) we like to meet in person to discuss details and exchange ideas more easily. Of course if meeting is not an option we can also use Skype or phone calls.What other services and options do you provide ?While the base packages usually only include the shooting time, color correction and data delivery, we provide many other options like advanced retouching, prints, express delivery etc. While we don’t provide services like hair & make up and kimono rentals directly in-house, we can direct you to those services or make the arrangements for you.

Do you work on weekends and national holidays ?

Usually, yes. While we do sometimes take vacations and rest days (we’re not robots ^^) if you contact us sufficiently in advance and our schedule is still open, there should be no problem.

Where are you based ? Can you travel ?

We are based in central Tenjin, Fukuoka city, Japan. All jobs from within the central Hakata area up to the Momochi area are covered without any additional cost. We can also work for you anywhere else in Japan (or worldwide) for an additional charge to cover our travel expenses.

I’m ready to work with you, how do i make a reservation ?
Simply go to the contact page and send us a message. Please select what kind of service you require and give us as much detail as possible (time and place, number of people, budget etc). Then depending on the scope of your project we will simply discuss the details via email, skype or meeting face to face. Once all the details are decided we will send you a quote.What about the payment ?For now we only accept cash (yen) and bank transfers (in Japan). For most projects we will simply ask for a cash payment on the day of the shoot. For bigger projects that require a lot of preparation (weddings, commercial shoots) we will send you a quote and require a deposit of 1/3 of the final amount for the quote to be validated.Why do you need a deposit ? Is it refundable ?When you make a reservation we are opening a lot of time on our schedule and making a lot of arrangements to take care of your project. The deposit is here to guarantee us you won’t cancel at the last minute. This is also why we can’t refund your deposit under any circumstances.Do the prices include tax?Yes. In Japan the consumption tax is 8% and we always include it in the prices displayed on the website or the quotes/invoices we send you.

How do we meet on the shooting day?
We will previously agree on a precise and easy to find location and exchange contact details (phone number / Line). On the day of the shoot we usually arrive about 10 min early and will call you upon arrival if we can’t find you immediately.I’ve never shot with a pro before and i’m a little anxious …This is the case for most of our clients, but don’t worry ! Our photographers are very friendly and will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and guide you along the way. They’re also very good at identifying what kind of pose or angle works best for you. You will leave the shoot feeling beautiful and confident !How do we get from one location to the next?If your shoot includes different locations, we will make all arrangements for transportation and the costs will be included in the quote beforehand, no last minute surprises.How can I contact our photographer?You can choose to use any means between Line, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or even text messages and phone calls, to communicate with us before the shooting date.

Does “shooting time” include travel from one location to another location?

Yes, it does.

How do you deliver the final pictures ?

We will send you a link to a Dropbox folder (accessible from any device, desktop or mobile), from which you will be able to download either everything at once or picture by picture. Of course you will be able to share this link with your friends and families or collaborators as you please. This folder will stay online for a month.

If Dropbox doesn’t work for you and you want the pictures sent to you via DVD, USB drive, prints etc, please tell us in advance to avoid additional delays or fees.

How long will it take to receive our photographs?

For the final product (curated and color corrected images) it might take :
– between a few days up to a week for portrait shoots and smaller events
– a week or two for engagement shoots and bigger events
– between a few weeks and a month for a big wedding reception

In some cases it might take longer than that for advanced retouching (skin and blemishes, body retouch, montage etc) depending on your specific demands.

If you have a very tight deadline we might be able to provide express retouching for an additional cost depending on your needs.

Why does it take so long ?

Here at Freewill we take pride in providing our clients with the best quality imagery possible. This involves a dedicated process of carefully selecting the best of the best pictures from the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of images captured during the shooting, color correcting them one by one, and making sure each album ends up with a distinctive and coherent “look and feel” across all pictures delivered.

Can i get all the un-retouched jpeg files ?

As explained above, we like to select and color grade all pictures ourselves as we believe this process is what makes our pictures unique. Experience has also shown us that most clients are much happier with fewer beautiful pictures, rather than hundreds of pictures straight out of camera (which might include a lot of duplicates, crooked pics, or even misfired shots, and will also look less appealing than the color graded ones).

In short : “Less is More !”

This is why we usually strongly discourage our clients from asking for this, safe some very specific scenarios.

What about the RAW files ?

We are only able to provide RAW files for commercial projects where you will have to retouch the pictures in-house. This comes at an extra cost including a copyright or licensing agreement, but minus the cost of selection/color grading that we usually apply to all our services.

Do you provide high resolution photos?

Yes, we deliver high definition un-compressed jpeg files, between 16 and 20 megapixels.
This should allow for a very fine print quality up to A1 size (84x60cm).

Do you keep the originals ?

Yes, we will keep all the original files (RAW) safely stored in two locations (local + cloud) for at least a year, so in case you need new edits from a previous shoot don’t hesitate to ask us. We usually keep them much longer than that but we can’t make any guarantees after one year, as we also need to make space for new work.

Why do you need to “edit” or “color grade” the images ? Isn’t that cheating ?

Okay this is gonna get a bit technical ! When using a DSLR camera, the pictures straight out of camera don’t always look too good, they might sometimes even appear dull or dark and actually quite different from what we see with our eyes or what we would deem “natural”, which is why we need to edit them.

This editing process might include :
– correcting the white balance (the color of light is very different from a sunny sky to a cloudy one, or even an interior scene with halogen or incandescent lights)
– doing more local color corrections to bring back some elements that might appear too dull or too saturated to a better balance with the rest of the image.
– global or local luminosity and contrast adjustments to make the picture “pop” and certain elements stand out more from the background.
– various picture quality enhancement like noise reduction, correcting lens distorsion etc.

In turn all this is done to produce a more pleasing or interesting image, while also trying not to deviate from reality or what looks “natural”.

What’s the difference between “color graded” and “retouched” or “photoshoped” ?

While light and color grading is a process we apply to all the pictures we deliver, we never retouch or “photoshop” them if you didn’t specifically ask for it. What we call “advanced retouch” is an extra service that you can ask of us, and can include removing elements from the background, retouching the skin and hair etc.

What are my rights with the photos after I receive them?

You will be able to print them out, send them to friends, share them on social media etc. However you cannot sell the pictures or use them for any kind of commercial work, unless we specifically discussed it and mentioned it in the contract.

How can I share my photos on social networks?

We love it when clients share our pictures online, it makes us very proud ! When you post to social networks please don’t hesitate to tag us @freewill.photo (on Facebook or Instagram)
Although if you choose to alter the photos so that they lose their original look (for instance by applying very heavy filters color filters), we would appreciate if they stayed off social networks or don’t mention us, as they don’t truly reflect our company’s style.

We hope this page helped answer your questions.
If you’re ready to make a booking or if you just want more info, please feel free to contact us.