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Kimono photos

Remember your trip to Japan with
beautiful kimono pictures !

Jump back in time to live an amazing experience by visiting Fukuoka’s most beautiful temples and gardens all dressed up in traditional kimonos.

Please send us an email or use our contact form, tell us one or two dates that work for you, and how many people want to join, we will get back to you shortly. Then make a reservation with a Kimono rental place. We recommend My-You no Yakata ( for they are very conveniently located, very affordable, and have staff speaking many languages !
Shooting Day
You will first go and get dressed at the kimono rental place, and we will then meet directly at the shooting location. We recommend the Fukuoka Castle ruins or Hakata Gion temples, but you can choose any location you want within central Fukuoka for no additional cost.
After the shoot
We will take a few minutes to look at the pictures together and select some you like, or you can entrust me with picture selection. Payment is due in cash at the end of the shoot. You will then receive the edited pictures digitally within a few days to one week, with a dropbox or google drive link.

Recommended Plans

First hour
1hr Photoshoot
In Fukuoka Castle
Natural light
15~20 pictures
Kimono rental fee NOT included
Please book in advance
+ 1 hour
+60min extension
+15 extra pictures
Recommended for groups