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Photo Workshop

Improve your portraits, landscapes
and food pics with a few simple tips !

Improve your photographic skills while visiting some of the lesser known temples of Hakata Gion district.
I will teach you to make use of light, composition and retouch to take your pictures to the next level !

During the first 90 minutes, I will teach you one simple technique or principle at a time, you then get 5-10 minutes to go and practice, take a few pictures, I give you some feedback and then we move on to the next point, and repeat. Learning step by step and practicing right away will help you pick up new knowledge little by little and hopefully remember everything you learned throughout the workshop.
For the next 60 min you will get free time in two different temples. Go and take pictures, try to implement my advice, play around and experiment by yourself. Don't hesitate to ask me anything and show me your photos for feedback and criticism.
During the last 30 min we will go to a cafe, sit down and review together the pictures everyone took, and I will give you some feedback. For those who want to I will also teach you a few retouching tips ! This is also a good time to exchange contact details with other participants and send each other today's pictures !

Recommended Plans

Best Value
Group Workshop
3hr Workshop
8 people max
PDF lesson included
Location is decided in advance
Only once a month
(check Facebook for schedule)
Private Lesson
3hrs Workshop or more
From 2 people
PDF lesson included
Anywhere you want in Fukuoka
Anytime you want !
(reservation needed)


The camera doesn’t make the photographer ! The techniques I teach do not rely on technology and are more general principles about subject, composition, lighting and color, which will help you improve your skills and take better, more creative pictures, no matter what camera you use.

Therefore, any decent camera, be it a mirrorless, a DSLR, a compact or even a smartphone will do ! For exemple, all the pictures above were taken by our participants on their smartphones, and this sakura picture was even shot with a Galaxy S5, a phone that came out in 2014 !

Whether you’re a total beginner or a more experienced photographer, there will be valuable things to learn for everyone, as I can adapt to your level.

We will start with beginner stuff by covering basic things like exposure, dynamic range, aperture, white balance etc (it’s not that scary don’t worry !) so that everyone gets on the same page, but will quickly move on to more artistic techniques and principles for any and all levels.

I like to keep the groups small so you will be able to ask me a lot of questions and everyone will get as much personalized advice as possible !

We will cover many topics, including but not limited to :

  • The three fundamentals of photography : subject, composition and lighting
  • Basic camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focal length)
  • Exposure and dynamic range
  • Shooting raw VS jpeg
  • Portraits, selfies, landscapes, macro, food
  • Retouching your pictures (colors, exposure, contrast etc)